Ricz’s recent paintings are defined by opposites. The contrast of figurative and abstract, damaged and sterile, organic and geometrical gives the essence of his new painting series. This contrast is characteristic of his color scale as well. Close to monochrome, black and gray shades are faced with the hint of sharp, bright colored shapes. The artworks had been built layer by layer with the precise pre planning process. The artist imitates the image cut and layering technique of collages to create an unexpected contrast to his oil paintings.

Ricz tries to wake up the interest In the viewer, to look behind the scenes with hiding some important details on the paintings and this way creates some kind of unsolvable mystery on the canvas.

His themes are mainly inspired by long gone matters, old memories, decay or abandoned places what gives a nostalgic and sometimes melancholic mood to his artworks. Some of the works are connected to Eastern European political and social atmosphere of his childhood. Many of Ricz's works studies the struggle of the built and the natural environment, the process of urban decay due to political and cultural changes. 

Ricz grew up on the boarder of the Balkans and the European Union. His early works are defined by this peripheral existence. The post Communist dilapidation and childhood memories from the war-torn Yugoslavia gave the main inspiration for his Peripheria and Phantoms of the borderland series and for several installations.


Born in 1980 in Subotica (former Yugoslavia) in a Hungarian family. In 1994 his family moved to Hungary. Currently lives in Salzburg (Austria) where he works as Art Director.

Graduated in 2011 from University of Szeged (Hungary), with a Bachelor in arts degree. In 2013 with Master degree in Faculty of Arts of the same institute.

During his university years he founded the subcultural and contemporary art association called SUB-ART. Also participated in the organization of exhibitions and cultural events such as Tér-Art open air exhibition series, Voice of the streets festival, Street and fine art exhibitions.

As one of the pioneers of street art in the region, between 1995-2005 he left behind mural works in several cities across Europe. At the same period he travelled around the Balkans and gained inspiration for his early works.

Ricz is active as muralist and graphic designer as well. He worked for clients like Red Bull, Burn, Leica, Telenor or Suzuki. His illustrations has been published in many magazines (e.g. The Red Bulletin, Symposion, Offline Magazine, K-art-on, Magyar Szó, Atelier).

Member of CTR-V art group, Random art group, and the Salzburger Kunstverein.

Selected group exhibitions


-Arte Laguna finalist exhibition -Arsenale, Venice(IT)

-Alchemic body - Laura Haber Gallery, Buenos Aires(ARG)

-Stephan Jäger International Art Symposium Jubileum Exhibition - Calpe Gallery Timișoara(RO)


-Here and Now -Kunsthalle, Budapest(HU)

-Comics in Subotica -Contemporary Gallery Subotica, Subotica(SRB)

-The city of baths/CTR-V art group -Klein House, Subotica(SRB)


-Other City -Klauzál 13 Gallery , Budapest(HU)

-TAKT -IX-XI Gallery, Budapest(HU)

-CTRL-V art group -Magyar Műhely Gallery, Budapest(HU) 


-Enter Festival -REÖK-Regional Art Center , Szeged(HU)

-The World from Temerin -Pepper Art Gallery, Budapest(HU)


-Best of TAKT -Contemporary Gallery Subotica, Subotica(SRB)

-Panel Painting Biennale -REÖK-Regional Art Center, Szeged(HU)


-Summer Exhibition -REÖK-Regional Art Center , Szeged(HU)


-No Pass-Biennalé -House of Hungarian Fine Artists, Budapest(HU)

-OMDK -Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest(HU)


-OMDK -University of Pécs Department of Fine Arts, Pécs(HU)


-1956 memorial year billboard exhibition -Danube riverside, Budapest(HU)


-Urban Art, Josephine Avenue, London(UK)

-Voice of the street -Kultiplex, Budapest(HU)

Selected solo shows


-Gallery of the Academic Comittee, Szeged(HU)


-Periféria - City Museum, Kecel(HU)


-Belvárosi Kamara Gallery, Szeged(HU)

-A Szoba, Pécs(HU)


-Belvárosi Kamara Gallery, Szeged(HU)

-Basch house, Subotica(SRB)

Art Fairs


-Stroke Art Fair, Munich(DE)

-TOAF, Arnolfini Centre For Contemporary Arts, Bristol(UK)

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